How I Feel About Leaving For 2 Years…

It's about time I let y'all know all my true feelings about leaving my family, friends, and girlfriend behind for 2 years. I tried keeping this video as raw as possible!! I also filmed this video at midnight and I was struggling to stay awake and think straight! So please excuse the countless times I said 'like" and "um" hahaha! But I hope this video gives you an idea of what I'm feeling at the moment in the mix of excitement/nervousness! 

I dare you to tap me:

Meet Brock and Boston:
What’s up!!! We are twin brothers from Salt Lake City, Utah that recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee. We started doing social media back in 2016 and have been posting ever since. We love sharing our life with everyone! On our channel, we do a mix of a lot of things like challenges, vlogs, pranks, and more! 


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Are you twins? Yes, we are Identical twins! 

How do I tell you apart? Brock currently has a mullet, you will for sure be able to tell us apart after watching a few videos! 

Who is the older twin? Brock, by two minutes! 


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