Great Panic In The Kremlin: The War Is Now In Russia!

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Russia is experiencing a great fear these days! Putin's fear has emerged and this has caused the Russian people to panic. It is claimed that things are out of control in the Kremlin Palace! This event, which has stirred Russia, also gives important clues about how the war will proceed.
The historic resistance of the Ukrainian army has disrupted all of Russia's plans. The Kremlin administration never expected this war to spread to Russian territory. However, bombs have been exploding one after another in Russia lately. Russia's air defense system cannot prevent these explosions!

In the city of Belgorood, on the Russian border with Ukraine, explosions are taking place one after the other. As a result of these explosions, the Russian army suffers a lot of damage.

The Russian army trains its soldiers in training camps in Belgorod. The soldiers trained in this camp are then sent to Ukraine to fight. Russia chose Belgorod for this training because it is very close to Ukraine. But there was one thing the Kremlin leadership did not anticipate!

The Ukrainian army successfully repelled the Russian invasion. As a result of the change in the maps, the Russian base in Belgorod came within the range of Ukrainian missiles. As a result of operations from this area, the Ukrainian army bombed many Russian targets in Belgorod. Russia suffered heavy losses in these attacks.

But Putin has a much bigger fear! The possibility of the Ukrainian army launching an air operation against Moscow is causing panic in the Kremlin!

Russian citizens who left their homes in Moscow yesterday morning found something interesting. There was something new on top of many of Moscow's tall buildings. The Kremlin administration has placed Pantsir-S1 air defense systems on top of the buildings. Muscovites who took photos of the systems and uploaded them to social media experienced a great panic. Because the installation of these systems indicated that the possibility of an attack in Moscow was very high. Moreover, the success of the air defense systems is constantly debated by the Russian public!

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