Got Burned On This One! BMW 335i N54 Twin Turbo Engine Teardown. Salvage Auction Strikes Again!

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I don't always win at the auction. I bought this 2009 BMW 335i Sedan from IAA in Kansas City as it had a trunk fire. Car fax showed lower mileage and being as this car is equipped with an N54 engine, its something I normally buy. However, during the inventory process we discovered the engine would not turn a full revolution, and we condemned the engine. 
This is one of those situations where I didn't come out smelling like a rose, because a car I bought that was burned in the rear actually had a bad engine. This sort of thing happens at the auction somewhat often, and there's little I can do about it. Its part of the game, and I'm certainly not upset over it. 
So, it became a teardown engine and you get to see why the engine was bad. With so many improper repairs there could be a multitude of issues that caused this failure, but one thing I can't understand is the correlation between a bad engine, and a trunk fire. 
Its almost like... someone set it on fire on purpose? No way. No-one would ever do that!
Why am I doing this? I own and run a full service salvage business in the Saint Louis area called Importapart. Part of our model is buying bad engines and salvaging the good parts from them to sell. We do not rebuild engines, merely supply parts to those that do. 
If you're wondering if I've torn down a particular engine, there are over 100 engine teardowns spanning the last two years on this channel. Feel free to search and peruse. 

I hope you enjoyed this teardown. As always I love all of the comments, feedback and even the criticism. Catch you on the next one!


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