FINALLY Hillbilly’s Inherited 1983 Toyota Trekker Gets PAINTED!

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No One Expected This With Ed's LJ20 Golden Nugget:

We Finished Ed’s LJ20 Golden Nugget!

Goodbye Golden Nugget... Hello '69 Dodge Charger!

I Found A 100 Year Old Abandoned Tow Truck!

Joy Ride In Dad's Car Leaves Teen Buried To The Frame!

Epic Barn Find Of A Lifetime, Waking Up An American Classic!

Abandoned '69 Charger... Will It Drive 1,115 Miles?

IT's ALIVE! The Abandon 69' Charger Runs Again

We Cut The Roof Off Matt’s Off Road Recovery Jeep

1 Frozen Skid Loader & 2 Trucks With Matt's Off Road Recovery + Trail Mater

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