Everyone Loses. – NVIDIA 4060 Ti vs. AMD RX 7600

Check prices on Amazon below
NVIDIA RTX 4060 Ti: https://geni.us/H77f
NVIDIA RTX 4070: https://geni.us/zt3rI
NVIDIA RTX 4070 Ti: https://geni.us/Awo3Tb
NVIDIA RTX 4080: https://geni.us/6SSaZ
NVIDIA RTX 4090: https://geni.us/U6vEKjn
RTX 3070: https://geni.us/EG7C
RTX 3060 Ti: https://geni.us/8dUl
RTX 3060: https://geni.us/FDokweI
RX 6750XT: https://geni.us/d2ld
RX 6700XT: https://geni.us/ACpG3d
RX 6600XT: https://geni.us/PegmS

Budget GPUs are finally here - but here's the catch.

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Video gear
Camera: https://geni.us/5YfMuy
Primary Lens: https://geni.us/pWnoPBr


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