Elite Russian Soldiers Surrendered Helplessly: Ukraine Surprised Russian Army With One Move!

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What does it take to win a war? A strong army, brave soldiers and the right leadership! But Russia has none of these! It turns out that Russian soldiers have a secret plan to surrender to Ukraine! Dozens of soldiers are surrendering every day in the Russian army after the Ukrainian army's moves! Russian commanders don't know what to do about the soldiers' surrender!

Let's analyze the latest developments on the battlefield and why Russian soldiers surrendered! ANKA News continues to reveal unknown details about the war!

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry announced a very important development in the Russian army! This development caused outrage in Russia! Russian people are furious!

According to the data shared by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, 6 Russian soldiers have decided to surrender to the Ukrainian army. There is a military base of the Russian army in the town of Chistopilla in Zaphorizhia oblast. Russian soldiers at this base decided to surrender to the Ukrainian army by making a secret plan. The soldiers secretly left the base and started to move away from the area. However, the Russian commander at the base realized that the soldiers were fleeing and got very angry! 

Seeing the Russian soldiers fleeing, the commander gave a very harsh order! The commander demanded that the soldiers fleeing the war be shot! 6 soldiers were killed in this shootout! Russian soldiers opened fire against their own comrades!

This outraged everyone in Russia! Russian citizens are forcibly recruited into the army and taken to war. The fact that these soldiers are killed when they do not want to fight makes the Russian people even more angry against Putin.

Until now, it was known that soldiers who wanted to surrender were executed in Russia! Russian commanders have done nothing to change this situation! Soldiers who revolt and want to stop fighting are constantly punished. But this is not working!

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