DOJ will resist Jim Jordan’s subpoenas prying into criminal investigation of the insurrection

Most will recall when Congressman Jim Jordan was asked about whether he talked with then-presidents Donald Trump on the morning of the insurrection, he mumbled and fumbled and yammered and stammered his way though  an non-answer, pretending he couldn't recall. (Watch Jim Jordan's yammering and stammering here: Thereafter, his phone records showed he did, in fact, talked with Trump for a full 10 minutes on the morning of the Trump-launched attack on the US Capitol designed to stop the certification of Joe Biden's election win. After that call (that Jordan ultimately denied), Jordan took to the floor of the House and objected to the certification of Joe Biden's win. 

Now, Jordan is heading up a committee that many are calling the 'obstruction of justice committee.' Jordan thinks he can issue subpoenas designed to pry into the DOJ criminal investigation of the insurrection, an investigation that, of necessity, must involve scrutiny of the four members of Congress who criminally defied congressional subpoenas in their determination not to testify about Trump's crimes. Jordan is one of the representatives who defied a congressional subpoena.

Well now, DOJ is indicating that it is not likely to comply with Jordan's subpoenas that would comprise an ongoing criminal investigation. 

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