Divisional Wins, Season-Ending Plays and Alien Conspiracies | New Heights | Ep 24

On the twenty-fourth episode of New Heights, we have a massive announcement about something that might be going down in Arizona in a couple of weeks, we try to recap Travis’ appearance on the Pat McAfee show but somehow end up in a debate about alien conspiracy theories, look at maybe our most adorable fan mention of all time, and answer another of your not-dumb questions about NFL rules, 

Travis recaps how the Chiefs overcame an injury to Pat Mahomes to beat the Jags, why the team had all the confidence that Henne-thing was possible, and how he managed to have another record-setting day. 

Jason gives us all the details on the Eagles huge win against the Giants, why nothing beats the playoff atmosphere at the Linc, and why Boston Scott might continue being “the giant killer.” 

We also recap the Bengals snowy win over the Bills, why Jason can relate to Stefon Diggs frustrations, and try to figure out what the hell was going on during the electric season-ending play the Cowboys rolled out against the 49ers. 

Finally, we shout out the fan that made Jason’s baby signing dream come true and look ahead to our games coming up on Championship Sunday. 

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00:00 - Intro 
01:53 - New Heights + Fireball Collab 
02:51 - Travis on Pat Mcafee 
04:20 - Alien Conspiracies 
10:30 - Antarctica Maps
15:40 - Buffalo Wild Wings Corrections 
16:45 - Guy Fieri on Diner Debate 
21:00 - Fan Mentions 
25:55 - New NFL Rules
40:00 - Travis on Mahomes Injury 
45:00 - Henne Given Sunday 
48:12 - Travis’ Records 
56:00 - Jason on Eagles/Giants
59:30 - Playoffs at the Linc
01:04:18 - Boston Scott 
01:06:30 - Eagles O-Line 
01:10:54 - Bill/Bengals Recap
01:14:50 - Jason’s WR Experience 
01:20:30 - Cowboys Kicker
01:24:20 - Cowboys Final Play 
01:31:40 - Jason signed a baby
01:36:00 - Eagles/49ers Preview 
01:40:54 - Chiefs/Bengals Preview

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