Customer States Haven’t Changed Oil In 45000 Miles & Was Denied Warranty

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Each photo & video described.
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0:00 Intro - Click show more under the video to read more. 
0:05 The customer was quoted around $30000 USD for a new engine installed. "Basically never had it serviced in 45k miles and because or frequent regeneration of the dpf causes the oil to solidify. As the molecules in the oil break down and the main bearings suffer from poor lubrication causing them to sping and cause damage to the crank and other major components in the engine."
0:23 Unfortunately the service advisor didn't catch this before writing up the work order as it was a fairly easy fix.
0:36 Bubbles on the sidewall like this are caused by driving on a flat tire, and then airing it up afterward. If you drive on a flat tire for long enough it'll damage the sidewall and the tire needs to be replaced! 
0:47 In the first clip you see a piece of a rag in the oil pick-up tube then in the photo you see a bunch of rags wrapped around the balance shaft. Not sure how they didn't see all of these rags left in the engine before putting it back together. The engine had no oil pressure as the pickup tube was blocked with rag material.
1:00 As mentioned the license plate (supposed to be on the front bumper) was resting on the dash causing the customer's concerns. The technician said the transmission had no shifting concerns at all. 
1:21 An important lesson on going over the basics before replacing a bunch of parts. Keep it simple! As mentioned by the technician the customer had replaced the starter, battery, and PCM and also fiddled around with a bunch of wiring.
2:03 The mass air flow sensor comes as an assembly and is supposed to point the other way. Always good to remember how you took something off for when you put it back together, or take photos!
2:12 RAM 1500 and it was towed in.
2:23 This is a diesel so it has two batteries and the cables are supposed to be routed to the front underneath some plastic pieces. Lucky for the customer it didn't spark and cause the truck to go up in flames.
2:39 No extra info. 
2:49 The technician said the truck needed an engine as it had almost 30000 miles with no oil change on the factory oil and filter. 
3:01 Anybody knows the story behind this? Let us know in the comments.
3:14 Outro. Thanks for watching!

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