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Each photo & video described.
These videos are meant to be educational but also funny, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

0:00 Intro
0:05 The mechanics cleaned up the engine (took half the day), performed 2 engine flushes, and said afterward it ran a lot better! This happened almost 2 years ago and the car is still driven to this day without any issues. The engine in this vehicle is a diesel engine and is known for people using vegetable/cooking oil as a diesel fuel substitute, so maybe the customer thought they could use it in their engine as well.
0:25 Leaking coolant reservoir on a VW that the customer tried to fix. The coolant reservoir got replaced.
0:37 The mechanic said this is the weirdest thing he has ever come across, and just randomly saw the snake. Once the snake came out, he grabbed it and moved it somewhere safer. This was on a huge industrial size water pump.
0:48 No extra info was given.
0:57 The customer routed the brake hose right over the new exhaust. Luckily the mechanic caught this before it melted through the brake hose.
1:04 A very thing brake rotor that came off a customer's vehicle. They had a complaint of their brakes were noisy.
1:08 Cooper coat/copper anti-seize shouldn't be used on brakes, and definitely not over the brakes and caliper like this. 
1:17 A fake brake rotor and caliper "kit" that was installed on a customer's car who also had 2 wheel spacers installed on each corner. 
1:22 Whoever installed the head gasket put silicone on the head gasket. Head gaskets never require silicone on them and should be installed however the manufacturer recommends them to be installed.
1:29 The technician re-installed the ground cable to the appropriate spot (as the customer thought it was a ground issue). Then found the vehicle needed a new starter as it would only engage sometimes.
1:41 The technician said: "Holden VZ ute in Australia. Came in as they had trouble turning. The steering rack mount was snapped off the k-frame next to the steering column. The second mount was missing the rubber allowing the rack to slide. The steering column hitting the exhaust or engine block was the only thing keeping it together." The worn-out tires are due to the steering rack being broken as well as the alignment being off.
1:56 The mechanic said he removed all the cigarettes and put them in a plastic bag for the customer. The customer did not mention/say anything.
2:03 A vehicle that a technician had to work on.
2:09 The technician mentioned an EGR tube and fuel line broke as well when the transmission case cracked. None of it is covered under warranty since a new clutch was denied the last time it came in (even if it was by the previous owner).
2:33 Only need 1 air filter for an engine like this. The mechanic said he had a good laugh.
2:38 A piece of plastic got stuck in the throttle body so the engine kept revving which caused the catalytic converter to get very hot! The technician filmed this so they had proof of what the other shop did. The customer said he was going to take it back there, but never updated them if they did or not.
2:53 Not the best way to clean a car.
3:03 Outro. Thanks for watching!

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