Car Dealers CAN’T SELL TRUCKS, Even At Auctions! They’re In TROUBLE!

Car Dealers CAN'T SELL TRUCKS, Even At Auctions! They're In TROUBLE!
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In this video I take you to look in a live used car dealer auction lot.  No Sells have started to rise at dealer auctions.  This means that franchise dealers have paid too much for cars and are not willing to cut their losses yet.

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My name is Brandon and I am a used car dealer. I created Car Questions Answered to share the ins and outs of the used car market from my perspective. I share with you updates on car prices, what's happening at the dealer auctions, and what it's like being a dealer. My goal is to share information to help you make the best decisions while buying a car to save you money. I do not want car dealers taking advantage of you.

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*None of this is meant to be construed as financial advice, it's for entertainment purposes only.

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