Can You Build a Gaming PC Using Temu?!

Cooler Master GX III Gold 850:

Temu refuses to sell enough to build a gaming PC but we can’t wait any longer, We are going to unbox and react to some PC hardware and accessories from Temu that we couldn’t pass up. Hopefully, soon we can use these parts for a full Temu gaming PC build!

Temu Products in this video

RGB NVME Adapter -
16GB DDR4 Ram -
Somnambulist SSD -
Derler NVME Gen 4 SSD -
24 Pin Right Angle Adapter -
Micro atx Computer case -
Aigo RGB Fans -

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Windows 10 Pro ($16):
Windows 11 Pro ($23):
Windows 10 Home($14):
Windows 11 Home($21):
Office 2016 Pro Plus ($28):
Office 2021 Pro Plus ($57):

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