Burning Man Flooded, FouseyTube Arrested, & Logan Paul Vs Dillon Danis Goes Too Far?

WHATS UP PEOPLE, we got a chill lil boys eppy for you. We get into this burning man debacle, is Fousey having a mental health crisis or just playing an act, and have the fans taken the Logan Paul/ Dillon Danis beef too far? 

00:00 Start
00:27 Perfect Burning Man for Akaash + Missing out
04:43 Akaash’s Special recording: “better than my Wedding”
08:27 How does Akaash dress himself?
16:21 Akaash happy Flagrant wasn’t there
18:56 Andrew ruined Chifftie + no-one can get sick
24:55 The Hamptons + Tennis is better than Padelball
33:23 AirBnB’s value + Alexx’s Jewish settler
45:26 Deion Sanders Colorado’s impressive win
57:52 NFL kicking off - IT’S COWBOYS’ YEAR
01:05:54 McConnell Mannequin World Champion
01:08:21 Too smart to cop + profiling and intelligence
01:18:17 Fake Agdal video + Crypto Brokies
01:30:51 Andrew’s Armageddon Tears + Autism competition
01:40:30 Fousey’s arrest + comfortable being shameless
01:50:30 NYC’s full of Fouseys + Mace it up + 9/11 repercussions 
01:58:14 Gender Reveal Parties designed by Fousey
02:00:46 Brown Snakes on a Plane
02:02:48 Whites like to poo on themselves

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