Buckle Up, Grandma’s Drunk

8/12/2022 [Yulee, FL] 

Officers were dispatched in reference to a Cadillac Escalade driving recklessly. Dispatch advised the vehicle was unable to maintain a single lane, ran into a rub, and was driving with its windshield wiper on during clear weather. After getting behind the vehicle, the officer observed the vehicle run onto the white fog line multiple times and drove into the opposite lane, nearly causing an accident. The officer initiated a traffic stop - the vehicle pulled off the roadway, almost going into the ditch, then continuing further, nearly until the middle of the next intersection.  After making contact with the driver, the officer observed two young children in the backseat of the vehicle. The driver was unable to complete a full sentence and struggled to remember words. She denied any medical conditions and denied any alcohol / RX consumption. Thankfully, this incident did not end with an ambulance. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please reach out to the SAMHSA National Helpline (1-800-662-4357). Remember that it is never too late to break free from the grips of addiction. Every human is capable of change - but you have to change your mindset and establish the correct motivation. Find people that can support you and hold you accountable to making better and healthier decisions. You have one life, don’t waste it.  

Donate to the families of fallen officers: To “help rebuild the shattered lives of survivors and co-workers affected by Line-of-Duty deaths”, consider making a donation to Concerns of Police Survivors: 

Disclaimer: This footage is shown for educational purpose and is not meant to shame or degrade the individuals involved.  All footage sourced using the Freedom of Information Act and is Public Record. The precedent for this type of channel has been set by Real World Police, Code Blue Cam, etc… If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out the email address listed in the about section.

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