Belgorod attack, battle of Bakhmut: Russia strains to put off Ukrainian counteroffensive | DW News

Russian officials have accused Ukraine of mounting a 'sabotage' attack on Russian territory. The governor of the Belgorod border region says a counter-terrorism operation is still ongoing. The local headquarters of the interior ministry, and the FSB security service in the area, were reportedly targeted. Kyiv has denied any connection to the attack, insisting that disgruntled Russians revolting against the Kremlin are responsible.

Also on the program: Ukrainian officials say their troops are still holding parts of that city, days after Russia claimed complete control. The head of the Wagner group says his forces will leave Bakhmut, and expects them to be replaced by regular Russian troops.

We talk about both topics with our correspondent Mathias Bölinger in Kyiv and get more from Frank Ledwidge, he's a former military intelligence officer with the British Army.

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