Baby Huggy Wuggy Is Canon?! (Poppy Playtime) #shorts

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Friends, did you notice this in Project Playtime? These Baby Huggy Wuggy figures are scattered ALL around the map. Are they just set decorations, or is there more of a meaning behind them? Well, strap in folks, because I think I know their TRUE meaning!

👀 You Are NOT The Hero Of Poppy Playtime ►►
Writers: Matthew Patrick, Tom Robinson, and Taylor "Swag Dracula" Bailey
Editors: Dom Sealion
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman 
#PoppyPlaytime #ProjectPlaytime #HuggyWuggy #poppyplaytimechapter2 #poppyplaytimechapter3 #PoppyPlaytimeLore #Horror #Scary #Theory #GameTheory #Matpat

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