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This is a super-sized episode of The History of the Minnesota Vikings, dedicated to perhaps the most dramatic decade a football team has ever had. Featuring Randy Moss, Daunte Culpepper, Mike Tice, Adrian Peterson, and you-know-who.

Written and directed by Jon Bois
Written and produced by Alex Rubenstein
Rights specialist Lindley Sico
Secret Base executive producers Will Buikema and Jon Bois

Known goofs:

• A little over a minute in, the Broncos' Mike Anderson is absent from chart, but he also had such a touchdown to clinch a 2000 win over the Seahawks.

• A little over 36.5 minutes in, Marcus Robinson did have a 1,400-yard season his second year in the league.

• A little over 85 minutes in, instead of 33 years, this was the Saints' 43rd season. 

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