Automating 7 Lego Water Pumps

Automating 7 Lego Water Pumps

Building and testing 7 different motorised Lego water pumps. Each electric water pump is placed in a basin. The basins are connected into a circle. Each pump/basin has a water level sensor that adjusts the speed of the pump motor to avoid overflow. Things to consider: Pump type, flow rate, motor speed and pump speed. 

App used to program the pumps: Lego Powered Up App
Lego Colour distance sensor:

Camera used for this video:
Microphones used for this video:

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00:00 Archimedes Screw
00:44 Centrifugal Pump
01:44 Chain Pump 
02:26 Piston Pump
03:11 Water Wheel
03:45 Gear Pump
04:34 Peristaltic Pump
05:03 Float Switch
06:43 Outro

Where I get my Lego parts from:

Music: Cold Water - Patrick Patrikios


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