Animals teach us love ❤️

The only way for humanity to evolve is by allowing the force of love to guide us. When we strive to love all living beings and refrain from harm, we both heal ourselves and help to bring about the next step in human evolution.

Important Disclaimer: Chimps are not pets and shouldn't be forced to live with humans. The chimp in the video needed human rescue after losing his mom to bushmeat and the illegal pet trade.

💚Animal sanctuaries in this video:
🙏Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection:
🙏Edgar's Mission:
🙏Joar Berge / Lebenshof Odenwald: a
🙏Big Sky Mama:
🙏Animal News / Elephant Nature Park:
🙏Santuário Amor que Salva:
🙏Carol Patrick / Osa Wildlife Sanctuary:
🙏Old McDarling's Farm Rescue & Sanctuary:
🙏Happy Wings Sanctuary:
🙏Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary:

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