Alyx Weiss (ayydubs) Calls In Regarding Her Joining A Cult – H3TV #78

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0:00 Intro & The Crew Went to Dave & Buster's
19:04 Ethan was involved in a Car Crash
22:12 Dan's Interesting Crew Interaction
29:20 New MrBeast Thumbnail Dropped 
45:10 Ethan Has Lost A Lot of Weight
46:09 Alyx Weiss Calls & Talks About The Crew
1:56:05 Crew Talk While Ethan goes To The Bathroom
1:59:54 Goof & Gafs / Funny Clips
2:15:24 Wild Leg Lengthening Surgery 
2:19:45 Ben Shapiro's Insane Transphobia Rambling
2:34:26 Farha Khalidi Owning Alpha Dudes
2:51:37 Bizzare Alpha Male Instagram Account
3:02:20 Star Wars Closed!

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