All The Freaks Who Want To Be The Next Trump – SOME MORE NEWS

Hi. It's Republican primary debate season! Ungghhhh.......... sfhkjsahvj...
Anyway, here's a look at some of the giant weirdos who think they can beat Trump and BE Trump and not inspire their political party to want to hang them.

Executive Producer - Katy Stoll
Hosted by Cody Johnston
Directed by Will Gordh
Written by David Christopher Bell
Edited by John Conway
Produced by Jonathan Harris
Associate Producer - Quincy Tucker
Post-Production Supervisor - John Conway
Researcher - Marco Siler-Gonzales
Graphics by Clint DeNisco
Head Writer - David Christopher Bell

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00:00 - The Warmbo Debate
01:14 - The Elephant In The GOP's Room
04:53 - Chris Christie: Absolutely Not Gonna Win
17:22 - Larry Elder Is Certainly A Person
23:58 - RFK Jr.: Absolutely Terrifying
24:31 - Tim Scott: Will Settle For VP
36:43 - Vivek Ramaswamy: The Worst Timeline
50:36 - Nikki Haley: Hilariously Optimistic
58:16 - Mike Pence: LOL
1:04:11 - Ron DeSantis: Less Likable Than Treason
1:15:42 - What Chance Do They Have Against The Crime Guy?

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