A Porsche you still can’t afford

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Porsche is usually known for their super-luxury cars that only millionaire YouTubers can afford, but did you know that they also make monitors that only millionaire YouTubers can afford? Plouffe is here to take a look if this AOC x Porsche Monitor is worth your money or if you should leave the cash in your dream car fund.

Buy an AOC Porsche Design Agon Pro: https://geni.us/VGw2
Buy a Cooler Master Tempest GP27U: https://geni.us/0tzqXdR
Buy a Samsung Odyssey Neo G7: https://lmg.gg/hxab8

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0:00 The Porsche tax
0:19 Unboxing
3:22 Stand adjustments and Monitor IO
6:31 Sponsor - SecretLab
6:57 Boot-up sound, monitor settings, and RGB
9:40 Watching HDR footage
10:21 Gaming and speaker impressions
12:07 Pricing, competitors, and overall thoughts
13:42 Outro

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