A Camera With Only One Pixel, Better Phone Memory, Carbon Offsetting Woes & More

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Correction to what I say at 12 minutes 14 seconds: That's 3000 megatransfers, which is 3000 million transfers. 

Today we’ll talk about advances in room temperature superconductivity, greenwashing and carbon capture, an experiment that sheds light on the mystery of cosmic magnetic fields, a robot arm with a needle, a camera with only one pixel, the supposedly coming age of clean technology, better phone memory, why rats might not have brought the plague after all, and of course, the telephone will ring. 

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00:00 Intro
00:37 Progress on Room Temperature Superconductivity
04:03 Rainforest Carbon Offsets Inefficient
05:26 Report on Carbon Capture
07:00 Experiment Sheds Light on Cosmic Magnetic Fields
09:25 Tiny Robot Arm With Needle
10:37 Clean Technology Report from IEA
12:06 Faster Phone Memory is On The Way
14:12 Fastest Single-Pixel Camera
16:55 Rats Not To Blame for Black Death
18:26 Learn Science With Brilliant

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