6 Most Hilarious Scenes in Pixar’s ELEMENTAL

6 most hilarious scenes in Pixar’s Elemental movie. No. 1, when Wade moves in high speed, his head leaves his body for 0.1 seconds. No. 2, when Ember’s grandma is about to pass away, she dies like someone is blowing a birthday candle. No. 3, when Wade runs away from a flood of water, he screams like a crazy woman. And later, he gains water weight and becomes obese. No. 4, when nature forbids Wade touching Ember, he still wants to celebrate with her by high-fiving himself. No. 5, when Ember’s mom splashes the spiritual water to Wade, he taste it and he likes it. And no. 6, when Bernie points a toasting fork at Wade, he fears that Bernie is going to poke his ding-dong. And later, his name tag becomes easier to read when he uses his hand to cover it.

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