1987 IBM Music Feature Card: Is it really worth $3000?

The IBM PC Music Feature is one of the rarest, most collectible sound cards for DOS PCs. Sure, you can get a Yamaha FB-01 FM synthesizer that does practically the same thing, but the IMFC! It's a legend! Is it worth nearly $3,000 for one complete in box? Let's unbox and set this one up to find out.

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● Check out the IMFCDISK demo here:

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00:00 The First Sound Card! Sort of
00:37 $3,000? Is it worth it?
01:12 Pre-IMFC sound devices
01:56 Music Feature vs AdLib
04:04 A sound card for composers
05:33 Unboxing the thing
07:51 FM synth sound chips, card features
09:11 Installing & setup in an IBM PC AT
10:13 In-store demo music
11:37 Yamaha Compose & Playrec software
13:38 The games! Sierra On-Line games
15:21 Yamaha FB-01 MIDI tone generator
16:45 Summary & Outroduction

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