1000WHP Hemi Shakes the Lights Out of the Ceiling! Finnegan’s Garage Ep.258

Episode 258 of Mike Finnegan's Garage is all about bringing Blasphemi back to life. My 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air has been hibernating all year long while we continue working on it to create a more reliable, fun street/strip car. So far we've narrowed the Quick Performance 9 inch rearend, we've replaced the triple disc Mantic USA clutch, and today we are headed back to the dyno several new bolt-on parts to try. We'll be testing my old stainless steel headers with 2-1/4 stepped to 2-3/8 diameter primary tubes (3.5-inch OD collectors) against my new 2-3/8 stepped to 2-1/2-inch primary tubes headers (4-1/2-inch OD collectors). We'll also try a new, larger diameter throttlebody from Phil Rohr, and we are gonna test the 528ci Pete Harrell-built hemi with and without a Walker Performance Filtration air filter on top of the four-port throttlebody. We make more dyno pulls that ever in the quest for reliably putting 1000WHP down to the chassis dyno and deciding will or won't we be ready for Hot Rod Drag Week 2023. 

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Want more info on cool header building products? Go here: https://www.stainlessheaders.com

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