Judge Reverses Ruling, Sides with Trump Defense in J6 Case

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Is she even real?

There's a theory that viral "crazy airplane lady" is a clone.

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UPDATE! Missing Children + School Bus Mystery | Maui Massacre

#maui #fire #lahaina 

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UPDATE!  Missing Children + School Bus Mystery | Maui Massacre

The University of Hawaii caught a β€œGreen Laser Beam” on camera for over 10 minutes the morning before the fire.  This video has also been removed but I was able to save it for you.  Check it out. .  One theory s that they were Mapping their targets so they wouldn’t accidentally hit Oprah’s house.

In absence of facts and explanations from the government and local officials, everyone has to rely on their own theories as to what’s really going on in Maui 

People are outraged and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Oprah Winfrey are facing backlash after asking fans to donate to their Maui fund instead of contributing more of their own money. 

Did you know Its been one month now and the Lahaina fire is just now finally 100% contained but is still not yet extinguished.  There’s over 1000 people β€œsurveying and performing hazmat cleanup” yet the fires are still going to this day. (

Joe Biden made an appearance in Florida to check out the damage from Hurricane Idalia and people want to know why he still hasn’t gone to East Palestine yet 
  In all fairness…Ohio is very difficult to get to because he has to go to other countries first.  

At a Medal of Honor ceremony this week for 81 year old Captain Larry Taylor,  Biden walked out before the closing benediction leaving the recipient as well as those in the audience quite confused. 

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy toured Lahaina over the weekend  and pledged continued support to rebuild Maui. 

WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN?  It’s been one ENTIRE MONTH since the Lahaina fire, and officials are STILL giving families and the public NO real information.  No update on the death toll which they’re now saying is anywhere between 115 and 385.  No information about missing Children or their parents. No updates from the DNA matches that Police Chief Pelletier was β€œrapidly collecting” and  still no proper relief from the Government.

The public remains left in the dark with NO IDEA how many are actually missing.  What we can assume is that the number is MUCH higher than the 385 the government is claiming and much higher than the β€œless than 50 active missing person cases," that Governor Josh Green is saying. As we’ve seen, the β€œofficial” number makes WILD jumps down from the over 2,000 kids that were originally missing.

It also doesn’t match up with the latest stats from the Department of Education, which says out of 3,000 students enrolled in West Maui, approximately 1,200 remain undetermined.  

Ron DeSantis calls what happened in Maui an absolute catastrophe.

Nick Sortor said β€œAt a minimum, I believe officials are definitely hiding the real numbers (especially for missing) from the people of Maui hoping this story goes by the wayside and their grip of power becomes less threatened.”

Families are left with more and more unanswered questions with each passing day. 

We still don’t have any answers regarding the school buses as well.   I had mentioned the buses on a video a few days ago assuming you had seen the video on it already.   I left you all with questions so this next video you’re about to see has no audio but if you read along, it will explain the school bus mystery. 

If school was canceled that day as they tell us, wouldn’t the buses be lined up in the parking lot since they weren’t in use? 

Footage has surfaced of a long line of school buses evacuating from Lahaina.

Speaking of vehicles, there are currently over 18,000 cars sitting idle at the Maui airport.

To add insult to injury… the good people of Maui are now being forced into bankruptcy and eviction from their own homes.  Once again Nick Sortor voiced his outrage saying β€œHey FEMA… how about all the people on Maui that are about to be forced into eviction and bankruptcy because you’re REJECTING THE VAST MAJORITY OF RESIDENTS’ CLAIMS? That $700 is a freaking INSULT to the people of the people of Maui. Even your own employees know this is a freaking joke. GET IT TOGETHER. THE GREAT PEOPLE OF MAUI CAN’T HANDLE THE SUFFERING MUCH LONGER.”

  FEMA fails the people once again.


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Is Baby The MIMIC?! | MatPat Reacts to @FuhNaff I Solved FNAF Security Breach RUIN

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Friends, welcome back to part 2 of our @FuhNaff reaction with @ThatCybertChannel ! In the last episode, I had to question EVERYTHING I thought I knew about FNAF and start over. There are so many big questions being thrown around about what's real and where we're going next! So get comfy and settle in, because it's THEORY time!

Watch @fuhnaff 's video β–Ί https://youtu.be/zADcWlmwZFQ?si=-rdyKlFKiNYyMdyf
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0:00 - The Witty Dan-ter
14:55  - baby got back (into the story of FNAF)
1:12:50 - The Witty Wrap Up

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