Flight Attendant Life – I’M FINALLY BACK TO FLYING AGAIN! ✈️ 🥳

Hi friends! Come fly with me to London, England on my 3 day flight attendant trip!

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Biker Kids of Sumatra, Indonesia 🇮🇩

Anyone can ride a motorbike in Indonesia, it seems.

FULL VIDEO: Ice Cold Sumatra Shower 🇮🇩 - https://youtu.be/o9it1yL40YE

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First time ​⁠@shahidanwarllc shows wealth Proofs 💵| 24 crore Helicopter 😱Ep.2

First time Shahid Anwar ​⁠​⁠shows wealth Proofs 💵| 24 crore Helicopter 😱Ep.2

Gareebo Suboot Dekho 

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Friendly Market Vendor in Sumatra, Indonesia 🇮🇩

I visited a local market in Samosir, the island in the middle of Lake Toba. I was taking a road trip around the island on my rented scooter and stopped at a local market. The vendors there were very friendly, including the lady selling fruit.

FULL VIDEO: I Invited Myself Into an Indonesian Girl's House 🇮🇩 - https://youtu.be/05ctt3T3KqA

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