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My Mom Has Full Control Of My Life

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4 Disturbing Facts About Pixar’s ELEMENTAL

4 disturbing facts about water in Pixar’s Elemental movie. No. 1, If Wade can hide in the water, sneaking into people’s houses is a piece of cake. He could steal some cash or even peek at someone he’s obsessed with. No. 2, When this water police said “Go back to Fire Land”, this is similar in real life to telling someone to go back to their country, which is a very racist thing to say. No. 3, Some water can be hooligans and very mean. They caused a flood in the Vivisteria building, and Wade’s uncle made him a sad painting knowing that he was going through a heartbreak. And no. 4, Wade’s mom was originally supposed to be the villain in the earlier version of the movie. As the head of the water works, her goal was to destroy the Fire Town.

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