Zane and Heath Loved the Same Girl – UNFILTERED #43

Buckle up for this episode, but before you put it into drive make sure all the kids are in the damn car!! Zane recounts getting abandoned at a bank by his mom! Our road trip then leads us down memory lane into the ancient world of the beeper, the Blackberry, and the VideoNow. While we’re there we dig up some artifacts from Mariah’s school days that are downright shameful! Oooh, and keep digging! I think I see some of Kenny’s repressed porn-surfing memories! If that wasn’t scandalous enough can you just imagine what happened when Zane and Heath found out they were in love with the same woman?! 

Grab your coffee and burn your tongue on some piping hot tea courtesy of this week’s Zane and Heath: Unfiltered!

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