Yung Baby Details the Night He Got Shot 35 Times and Survived

Yung Baby came through for his first-ever VladTV interview, where he detailed growing up in Trenton, New Jersey. He explained that everything was good until around middle school when he started catching charges, the first being a robbery charge at 12. From there, Yung Baby detailed losing 8 friends by the time he was 18, which led to him detailing his near-death experience in 2019. He explained that he was at a gas station when two gunmen entered and started firing shots. Yung Baby explained that in the end, he was hit 35 times, which he didn't remember after waking up from a 2-week coma. He went on to detail his life afterward, including having flashbacks and deciding whether he should go to therapy to get some help. To hear more, including how Yung Baby addressed the incident on "Back Then," hit the above clip.

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