“You’re Not Gonna Survive!” Deion Sanders RETURNS To Trinity! Shedeur ISN’T Homecoming King!?

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Episode 7 of Primetime 2.0

The boys WANNA PLAY! Their game got cancelled this Friday, so all week in practice they're just going through the motions. Coach Hart is making all kinds of calls trying to find them a GAME. You know Coach Hart is the best of the best, so he comes through BIG TIME! Boys are back under those Friday Night Lights!

Coach Prime is back at Trinity, things are little different ever since he took the job at Jackson State, but he's still here to take care of business! 

Coach Prime says if the boys wanna know where they stand in his eyes all they gotta do is ASK! 
"I'll cry to ya before I lie to ya!"

Friday night comes and the boys have to put on a SHOW! It's Homecoming, it's senior night, the boys NEED a win.... 

Can they come up BIG on their BIG NIGHT! 

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