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Kenzzi At Home Hair Removal -
Use code NICOLE for $50 off.

The Rundown: 
- BIG thank you to everyone that has sent me a DM on instagram. ❤
- New camera | Sony A7C w/ Sony FE 20mm F1.8 lens
- I've done every part of my body with the Kenzzi device, only thing left is my face but still not ready for all that. 
- Lakers shirt -- Urban Outfitters
- Black glasses are my collab with Dime Optics -
- Wedding planner -
- I get facials at Lecada Medspa Tampa by Carly
- Shelfs are custom sizing from UltraShelf | White Oak 
- My current lens wasn't working for the cleaning days, it wasn't wide enough.
- Cardigan is Nastygal
- I give the Goldfish a 2/10. They taste like the flavor Extreme Pizza which I hate. 😂
- PS. WE ORDERED A COUCH! 🥳 Suppose to get here in March. Fingers crossed.
- Anybody into cards!?
- We also didn't think we would find any cards but we try and look daily.
- The cat tower really tested my patience that day haha but the cats are into so well worth it. 
- My version isn't available but they have a similar one -
- The cast iron chicken pot pie was a 10 out of 10! 
- Still can't believe I didn't get the after shot. 😅
- Wall clock is from Kirklands
- Credenza piece is from a store in Tampa called Light Style.
- My Amazon store has all my home decor pieces -
- Henrocompany is a cute home decor site I love
- Dining table is from Wayfair, almost 5 years ago now. 😅
- MTV sweatshirt is Urban Outfitters
- Next time I see wall ladder at Target I'M GETTING IT!! 
- Also needed powdered sugar because I was making buttercream but that's for another vlog. 
- I know you guys love the long long vlogs but going to try to keep them 30 minutes or less so I can get more up.

* A small portion of this video is sponsored by Kenzzi.