YES!! $1500 SECOND Stimulus Check!! + SSI SSDI | What you MUST Know!

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This is a $3 trillion stimulus package (the Heroes Act), and it specifically sets aside $200 billion for essential workers in the form of hazard pay.  The Heroes act just passed the house of representatives on Friday May 15th and one of the main points that has everyone talking isn't just the second round of stimulus checks which are aiming to be yet another $1,200 per person. 

Who are the essential workers who could get a share of the $200 billion Hero Fund? There are actually too many of them for the $200 billion hazard package to be meaningful. At the end of the day, this phrase “essential workers” is just too broad and could include all manner of essential workers and contractors. That is why is this video we will break down 33 different types of hazard pay essential worker fields.

IRS (Try calling before 11am for less hold time): 1-800-919-9835

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