WOW! Stokes Twins Exposed After Disgusting Prank, Lil Nas X Hit, Wasted Vaccines, NFTS, & More News

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00:00 - Stokes Twins Sentenced For “Prank”
02:13 - Nike Blocks Sales of Satan Shoes
03:32 - Walgreens Vaccinations, Microsoft’s New Military Contract, and NFT Quickies
06:43 - Sponsor
07:42 - Good and Not So Good Vaccine News
09:57 - New Healthcare Benefits
11:37 - Companies Speaking Out Against Georgia Voter Bill
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Stokes Twins Sentenced to Community Service:
Stokes Twins Sentenced To Community Service for Fake Robbery YouTube Prank
Nike Gets Restraining Order Over Lil Nas X Satan Shoes: Pharmacies Stand to Profit from Vaccine Rollout: Microsoft Wins Army Contract for Augmented Reality Headsets: Ongoing Trial Shows Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Remains Highly Effective After Six Months: Factory Mix-Up Ruins Up to 15 Million Doses From J&J: New ACA Subsidies Start Today:
New Healthcare Benefits Available To Tens of Millions of Americans Starting April 1
Companies Get in on NFTs: Companies Speak Out Against Georgia’s New Voting Restrictions:
Delta, Coca-Cola, and Apple Join List of Companies Speaking Out Against Georgia’s New Voting Restrictions
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