Will You Be My Valentine?? Special Pet Edition! (Cutest Ever!!)

Happy Valentine’s Day you guys! And of course that means matching tutus all round! Come and join us behind the scenes of our Valentine’s Day photo shoot! 
Little Miamute has learned to feed the pets now and can tell each of them by their names! She loves to feed the pets because it means she gets their undivided attention. 

How are you spending your Valentine’s Day? We don’t usually do much for valentines it’s not that big a deal in our household we prefer to make a big deal out of our anniversary instead but still like to mark the occasion! I can’t wait for future years when Mia will make things for her dada and I will make Shane buy flowers for her every year that’s for sure! 

We are still in lockdown at the moment so can’t really go out or do anything other than an hour exercise together which consists of the dog walk but we will make the best of it. Full of yummy treats!! 

Hope you guys have an amazing day a very happy Valentine’s Day to each and every one of you! Love you al! 


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