Why is the Z-Crew so UNSAFE? And other burning questions answered…

Sailing Zatara Q&A Compilation (Part 1 of 3):

1:50 Why is the Z-Crew so UNSAFE?
6:41 How is SECURITY in marinas and at anchorage?
8:22 What CAPTAINS LICENSE do you have; what online captain’s TRAINING do you recommend?
10:04 What do you think of MONOHULL VS CATAMARAN?
11:14 Have you become a CLOSER FAMILY and husband/wife team since sailing?
12:00 Are you scared of SHARKS? What is the coolest animal you’ve seen?
13:47 Is HULL SLAMMING an issue on your catamaran?
14:39 Do you use PREDICTWIND? If so, what kind of subscription do you have?
16:50 Is a BIGGER SAILBOAT really better?
17:47 How big of a CATAMARAN would be sufficient for OFFSHORE with only 2 people?
19:17 What has been your FAVORITE PLACE TO GO?
21:05 How did your KIDS LEARN TO DIVE so young?
22:43 What is the BEST ITEM/PURCHASE you have made for the boat and why?
25:30 Do you miss FLYING? Do you stay current?
26:24 Talk about when and why you use DIFFERENT SAILS (spinnaker, head sail,etc)
27:26 Are there alarms for solo sailors for NIGHT SHIFT? Do you reef sails at night?
28:12 Do you get BORED of sailing?
29:50 How do you handle PASSPORTS, VISAS, LEGAL DOCUMENTS?
30:30 Do you have to prearrange dockage before ARRIVING AT PORT?
31:34 What is a SNUBBER?
32:50 What do you use for EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS, especially on passage?
33:45 How often do you run the AIR CONDITIONER?
34:31 Have yall had any issues with PIRACY or locals asking for money while anchored?
35:14 How does CUSTOMS work; how do you CHECK IN to each country? 
36:09 What is the AVERAGE COST of living per month for the family?


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Happy Sailing!
Renee & the Z-Crew

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