Why Dogs Bite Each Other’s Mouths in Play

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So you take your canine companion to the doggy park. He meets a new friend, and they start playing together. Peaceful tail wagging quickly grows into biting each other. To your horror, you notice they're both going for each other's face and neck! 😧
No need to worry! Dogs naturally bite each other when playing in a game called mouth-wrestling or jaw-sparring. It’s a totally healthy way both dogs and cats interact with their friends. But there are warning signs you should look out for when dogs' play gets a little too rough for comfort!

That, and other things you've probably wondered about your pet. Like why dogs tilt their head when you talk to them, why dogs get the zoomies. Ever wondered why your cat keeps knocking things off the table or other surfaces or why cats are so terrified of cucumbers? All that and more, check it out! 🐶🐱😍


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