“We Can Beat The F*ck Out Of Them!” Jalen Green & Prolific Are HUNGRY After Loss! Team CRIES!?

Cop ya BODYARMOR ►► https://ovrt.me/2zxdij4
Last Prolific Episode  ►► https://ovrt.me/2Vlg0QT
Last Gabe Cupps Ep ►► https://ovrt.me/3dEDBlB

Prolific has to play Huntington Prep AGAIN!? Yep, and it gets HEATED.

But, before the big game again Huntington, Jalen Green, Nimari Burnett and the squad have some other business to take care. Coach tells them they're going on a secrete field trip, and when they get to location they find out that they're going to play wheelchair basketball against a wheelchair bball team! Trust, these guys and girls can HOOP. Can Prolific keep up with them or will the team take an L?

Later, the squad has its rematch against Huntington. The warmup scene in this vid is EPIC, it got me hype! I'm not gonna tell you what happens in the game, you just gotta see it for yourself. All I'll say is it came down to the wire.

Finally, after the game, the team tries some of the SPICIEST hot wings. Put it this way, tears were shed.

Watch all 18 minutes of today's episode, that thing is a movie!! Stay safe!!

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