Units of History – Mycenaean Chariots of the Trojan War DOCUMENTARY

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This history documentary takes our Units of History series to the Bronze Age to cover the Mycenaean Chariots of the Trojan War! We begin the episode by looking at the history of chariots starting with the very domestication of the horse. This led to the development of early horse drawn wagons which were turned into battle carts by the Sumerians. By the early Bronze Age, most of the major kingdoms of the near east had incorporates war chariots into their army. The Egyptian Kingdom deployed chariots with 2 man crews of a driver and an archer while the Hittite Kingdom deployed chariots with 3 men crews of a driver, a shield bearer, and a spearman. These war chariots of the bronze age would clash famously at the Battle of Kadesh.

We then talk about how the chariot made its way to ancient Greece and the Mycenaean kingdoms of the Bronze Age. Here it went through several stages of development which includes the box chariot, the quadrant chariot, the dueling chariot, and finally the rail chariot. We take a look at the sort of equipment and crew associated with each of these and ancient bronze age warfare. Next we talk about bronze age battlefield tactics derived from historical depictions and works by homer like the Illiad which describes the events of the Trojan War. Finally we cover the service history of the Mycenaean chariot and its eventual decline following the bronze age collapse.

Note: This video was sponsored by A Total War Saga: Troy

Research: Josho Brouwers
Translations: Richmond Lattimore
Writing: Josho Brouwers
Narration: Guy Michaels
Artwork & Production: Penta Limited

Thanks to:
Arianna Sacco, Matthew Lloyd, Joshua Hall, and our Patrons

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