TRIOS ROYALE: Fortnite Animation Compilation

You've seen The Squad, but have you heard of... TRIOS?? In this funny Fortnite Animation, we follow Jo, Drippley and Ron as they navigate through Season 2's many different trials and tribulations. The new map, the boats, fishing, the toxic skins, THE AGENCY!! Who are the Alter Egos.. Can they be trusted? And which team is REALLY evil, Ghost or Shadow? All that and more in this Fortnite Trios Compilation! 
Also, who wants a spinoff with JUST the different colored Drippleys? I know I do!

Script: Annie Krueger
Jo-Abigail Bokun
Drippley, Purpley, Roach-Austin Cook
@austinjaycook & 
Ron, Don-Stephen Pena
Hermit Jones, Forester, Toxicity-Kevin Andrew Rivera
Masked Menace, Sol-Elsie Lovelock
Toxic Grunt Snowman, Medic, Fission, Shadow Bruce, Ghost Guard-Andrew Chan
Chicana, Scratch-Annie Krueger
Meowman-Terrance Nicholson

Babecat-Nicole Mackie
Animation: 84 Animation Studio Sdn Bhd

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