Tricking Maddie’s Ex Crush Boyfriend to Help Get Connor Back! Game Master Network

It all started when Rebecca Zamolo did a name reveal of the mystery man while being a smurf for 24 hours.  Then right after that Matt and Rebecca did a face reveal of the mystery man in their new house by testing who had the better hacks.  Now that we know it is not Connor, Matt, Maddie Rebecca and Daniel all need to work together to see if this person is telling the truth.  His name is Robbie Rob but he looks like Maddie's Ex Boyfriend and crush.  The only person we can't talk to right now is Connor so we need to trick him into coming back.  If he returns we can do a realm royale and return everything to the way it was. The game master is bad still and mr x wants to help us.  Can we trick Connor into doing this or are we stuck forever with a bad RZ twin and Game Master?   If we can complete this in time everything will go back to the way it was. Who can we trust? 

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Rebecca Zamolo - Name Reveal of Mystery Man! Tricking RZ Twin in Smurf Disguises for 24 Hours

Matt and Rebecca - Face Reveal of Mystery Man in Our New House! Tested Who's Better at Hacks


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