tobi lou – LINGO STARR (Official Video)

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Dir: Glassface & tobi lou
DP: Glassface
Editor: tobi lou & Glassface
Production Company: Faceworld Studios
VFX Supervisor: Glassface
AC: Stayneutral
VFX Team: Glassface, Alex Popov, Nick Kirichenko, Ryan Zummallen
Colorist: Alex Jiminez
Sound design: Matteo Woods
Wardrobe: Avary Lauren & tobi lou
Producers: Glassface, Ryan Kincade
2D Animation: Ronald Grandpey
Title Design: Glassface
Art Direction/Additional Footage: Goodnightmeesh
Hair/Makeup Goodnightmeesh
Stunt Driver: Derrick Hardy
AC2: Syd Yatco

Lingo Starr: Return of the Dragon
prod. Maximilan, Ktwice, Matteo Woods, Poolsuite, tobi lou & William Nunez

Lingo Starr: Strikes Back
prod. Poolsuite & William Nunez

Lingo Starr: Drunken Master
prod. tobi lou, Poolsuite & Maximilian 

All songs mixed by Richard Furth.

#tobilou #lingostarr #buffbaby

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