This Joe Rogan CONTROVERSY & Backlash, Why Doctors Are Disgusted By This New Study, & More…

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00:00 - Joe Rogan Controversy
06:10 - TIA
08:11 - Doctors Respond To Weird Study
14:06 - COVID Updates
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Joe Calls Video Games “A Problem:”
Ninja and Dr. Lupo Respond to Joe Rogan Calling Video Games a “Problem”
Medical Professionals Respond to Social Media Study:
Health Workers Post Bikini and Alcohol Selfies, Slamming Study on Their Social Media Use as “Sexist”
Global Cases Hit 16 Million as Recovered Countries See New Spikes:
Global Coronavirus Cases Hit 16 Million as Recovered Countries See New Spikes
✩ STORIES NOT IN TODAY’S SHOW ✩ Anthem Protests Within The MLB and WNBA:
WNBA Players Walk Out During Anthem While MLB Players Weigh in on the Kneeling Debate
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