Things Heat Up and Damage Occurs | Miami Boat Ramps | Broncos Guru | Wavy Boats

Welcome to the Miami Boat Ramps channel. We are dedicated to bringing you all the craziness that goes on at the boat ramps in South Florida! Sit back and enjoy the show!

Ramps we currently cover: 79st (La 79!) / Black Point Marina / Haulover 

We are working on adding 2 more ramps to the roster. Stay tuned!  

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Disclaimer : We receive a ton of emails and messages from people telling us we filmed them at the ramp this past weekend and they want to know when the video will air.  This is not a question we can typically answer.  We film from three or more ramps every week and have a massive back log of content and sometime it could be weeks or months after an event occurs before we air the video.  We put stuff out as fast as we can but we only air three videos a week and in a typical weekend get 6-10 episodes worth of content meaning we get content faster then we can air it.  Thanks for watching and just be sure to keep watching looking for your content it will air but probably not immediately after it happens!

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