“Their Coach Called Us SOFT!” Jalen Green & Prolific Make Team QUIT After Talkin Sh*t! Season Finale

Cop ya BODYARMOR ►► https://ovrt.me/2zxdij4
Last Prolific Episode  ►► https://ovrt.me/30sbtgV
*NEW* Gabe Cupps Ep ►► https://ovrt.me/2ZZCCJl

The LAST episode of Superteam!! It's exciting but also sad, because it's been such a dope season. We've seen Jalen Green dunk on EVERYONE, Jack flirt with girls, Nimari troll his mom, Jordan DRAIN threes, Coleman freak out in 2K, and way more. We're all gonna miss it, but luckily the series will live on forever on YouTube lol

In this last episode, Prolific Prep needs to play two games in ONE DAY to win the Grind Session championship. Games and seasons are getting cancelled left and right because of Coronavirus, so Prolific doesn't know if these will be its last games together.

The first game against West Oaks gets PHYSICAL, and there's a tussle at the end of the game. Just watch it for yourself....

After that, Prolific faces off against OSL for the Grind Session championship. It also comes down to this!!

Shoutout to BODYARMOR, Jalen, Nimari, Coach Joey, Coleman, Jordan, Mawot, Mike, Jackson, Jack, Mouhamed, Frank, Coach Jon and everyone else on the squad for an amazing year. And most importantly, shoutout to EVERYONE who watched this show every week and made hilarious comments and supported us. You guys are why we do this!! All love from Overtime.

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