The Winnebago EKKO – Our Next RV… Our Thoughts (and Measurements)!

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Meet the Winnebago EKKO – Our Next RV!
The Winnebago EKKO is a very different, very new Class C RV from Winnebago. It fits in the same footprint as a van, but it gets you SO... MUCH... MORE. Watch the official Winnebago reveal. Watch our walkthrough with Winnebago. And watch this video for our thoughts and impressions. If you're interested in the Facebook group that Stef mentions in the video, you can find it here: @ekkoownersandwannabes It's going to be an AWESOME ride! -------------- Want to support what we do ? You can do it for FREE by shopping on Amazon with this link: -------------- CONNECT WITH US Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: -------------- James' wardrobe provided by Ecoths. #ecothslife