The Story of Cartoon Cat -[FULL ANIMATION]- All eyes on me

-please DO NOT reupload the animation on compilations, AMW and tops ...
- You can use it only for critizism, reactions.
-If you want this animation use on cover, contact me on my IG(dm) or gmail ( they are in my info card)

-Cartoon Cat, cartoon dog and Siren Head belongs to trevor henderson, rest of characters belongs to me
-Outro made by my bro, offbeat:

- The song was edited and doesnt belongs to me (Link to the song)     - If ur not alright of use of this song, Please contact me-

- More about animation: Made in- Sony Vegas Pro 17, And paint tool SAI 2, thumbnail made in Adobe Photoshop
-Pictures drawn around 1000+
-made in a mounth and a few days

#TrevorHenderson #SirenHead #CartoonCat #scp

Story: (Will be added later)

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