“The Nastiest Lineman Of His GENERATION!” How LSU’s Kardell Thomas Became A VIRAL SENSATION!

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By now, I hope you know the name Kardell Thomas. He's the superstar lineman that took the internet by STORM! He DOMINATED all throughout high school, earning himself the nickname "Mr. Pancake!" Now he's at LSU, continuing his iconic legacy in his home state of Louisiana. 

Our guy Kardell wasn't just an overnight success, he's been grinding for YEARS! He was benching 250 pounds at 12 YEARS OLD!

It hasn't always been an easy road. On top of the every day challenges of a top recruit, Kardell grew up having to avoid violence in his neighborhood. But he's persevered through it all, and now he's a LOUISIANA LEGEND! 

He's got a lot of time left at LSU and I know for a FACT his journey is just getting started. So if you haven't by now, get to know the name KARDELL THOMAS! 💯

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