The Longest Living Animals in the World

The average human lifespan is about 79 years these days. On the other hand, if you are a rat, you’ve got about two fun-filled years out in the wild. And if you’re a housefly? Just shy of a month. The Earth has grown to accommodate some crazy lifespans, from insects that have just a few days up to those tortoises that can live for over a century. But, as it happens, that’s just the beginning for some creatures. There are a handful of living things in the world that outlast humans by a country mile...

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Chart Showing The Average Life Spans of Animals The immortal jellyfish
11,000-year-old deep sea animal fascinates scientists,at%20depth%20of%207%2C000%20feet.
UPDATE: 200-year-old fish is actually just middle-aged,with%20few%20signs%20of%20age.,_St_Helena.png
111-year-old reptile becomes a dad,_Marine_Mammal_Council,_IEE_RAS.jpg

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